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Welcome to the Virginia Cooperatives Organizing page. Cooperatives play an important part in community life since they are started by the community, have Board of Directors elected by community members and represent community wealth rather than corporate wealth.

By organizing the member-owners of your local cooperative, you have an opportunity to make them more responsive to the needs of community members (which was exactly what they were originally designed to do).

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  • Culpeper
    The Internet is NOT a Luxury
    If there is one thing that the coronavirus pandemic has made abundantly clear is that the internet is not a luxury. Millions of Americans who live in rural and underserved areas are cut off from their employers and their schools as everyday life has been transferred online. Internet is just as critical as water or electricity, USDA will make available up to $200 million for grants, up to $200 million for 50/50 grant/loan combinations, and up to $200 million for low-interest loans. The application window for this round of funding opened Jan. 31, 2020. Rappahanock Electric Cooperative currently has not applied for any of the grants or loan programs offered by the FDA.
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